Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thank You Thursday

Recent generous donors to the Imagine! Foundation include:

Platinum ($10,000+)
Bob and Judy Charles
Linda and Walt Pounds

Gold ($5,000-$9,999)
Sally and Sandy Bracken - Imagine! Celebration Gold sponsor
Betty Eldridge
Laura and Bill Koch - Imagine! Celebration Table sponsor

Silver ($2,500-$4,999)
Alfred and Marty McElwain - Imagine! Celebration Gold sponsor, partial

Bronze ($1,000-$2,499)
Anonymous (1)
In Memory of Benjamin Curtis
  Lynn and Ken Curtis
Kim Cutler
In Honor of Scott Doyen
  Carolyn and Bill Doying
Colorado State Bank & Trust - Imagine! Celebration Table sponsor
Guaranty Bank - Imagine! Celebration Table sponsor
Suzanne and David Hoover
Bob Klutznick
Susan LaHoda
Sue and Michael Myers
Kevin Nelson
Amy and Rajul Pandya
Bob Von Eschen
Chuck Wellman
Susan White

Associate ($500-$999)
Janie and Fletcher Brown
Steven L. Combs
Mina Cox
In Memory of Jim (Hollywood) Hall
  Pat and Chris Current
Janell and Pat Daly
Jennifer and Trent Gustafson
Sally and Charles Holmes
Joyce and Hank Kugeler
In Honor of Kyle Luxner
  Joan and Bob Luxner
Karissa and Dan Mackin
In Honor of Kyle Luxner
  Mary and Tom Martella
In Honor of Susan McNutt
  Alex and Peter McNutt
Jana and Chris Petersen - 1/2 Imagine! Celebration Table sponsor
In Honor of Emily Micklin
  Georga and Leon Reiss
Barbara and John Taylor
In Memory of Rosemary Kilhoffer
  Julia and Jerry Rudy

Supporter ($250-$499)
Lynnette Aldredge
Anonymous (1)
Kathy Coyne
Mary and Tom Deany
Ellen Marshall and David Harwood
Teresa Jarmul
Peggy and Ed Jennings
Carolyn and Sam Johnson
Kathy and Rick New
Erna and Bobby Pelz
Sanderson Law PC
Cynthia Stringham
Sharon L. Svendsen
Eileen and Mel Vanek
Marlys and David Millhiser

Friend ($1-$249)
Enid and Mark Ablowitz
Alma and Richard Alber
Anderies Consulting
Anonymous (16)
In Memory of Johanna Jodi Arnold
  Jacquie and Ed Arnold
Gillian Walters and Kent Arnold
Patricia Arnow
Peter Aweida
David Bachrach
In Honor of Mildred Balzer
  Mary and Jay Balzer
In Honor of Nuri Broestl
  Charlotte Bell
R Shawn Bleam
In Memory of Aaron Tuneberg
  Gale and Tim Boonstra
Boulder Vision Center
Merna and Carl Brady
Kristin Brousseau
Hal and Sherry Bruff
Nancy and Buck Buchanan
Carolyn and Joel Buck-Gengler
Rex Burns
Marguerite and Carlo Ciaravino
John P. Clarke
Gary Clexton
Mary Blue and Tom Cobb
Sandi Collie
Kay and Kendall Conger
Kathleen Coniway
Christina Craigo
Tessa and Alan Davis
Sue Deans
Sheila Dexter
Maria and Neil Draxler
Barbara Gifford and Don Dugger
In Honor of Vicki Meyer
  Ken Suslak and Harriet Edelstein
Jessica Feld
Judy and Don Forkner
In Memory of Lisa Micklin
  Jan and Larry Foster
Rachel and David Gehr
Golden Nuggets Kiwanis
Kathy Goode
In Memory of Elaina Styblo
  Jessica Gribble
Marne Gulley
Judith Halbert
Ginger Havlat
Liz and Jon Hinebauch
In Memory of Leif Dancy
  Reid Hollander
In Honor of Cari Pounds
  Jan and Paul Hoskins
Carol and Andrew Johnson
Susan Jones
In Honor of Matt Barnert
  Kathy Kaler
Karen and David Kalis
Christine Keenan
Lenna and Jon Kottke
Dena and Dave Krenik
Aileen and Chris Lammers
Hsia-Hui Lee
Barbara and Robert Leutwiler
Richard Lowe
Tallie and Corey Luxner
Lou and Gary McClelland
Pat and Tom Metz
In Honor of Kim Arnett and DD & Ken Scoville
  Vicki and Chris Meyer
Matthew Mock
Kathy and Gregg Near
Rebecca and Matt Novinger
Kady Offen-Rovtar
Marsha and Thomas Phare
In Honor of Sandy Bracken
  Molly and Bryan Pieper
Ellie and Harry Poehlmann
Tara and Dan Powers
Sharon and Dan Reese
Nancy and John Reilly
Allie and Bob Richardson
Richard T. Riley
Jane M. Rogers
Jason Rusk
In Honor of Beverly and Bill Sabin
  Martha and Jerry Sabin
Heather Sabo
Marcia and Mark Sadler
Nancy Goldaper and Garry Sanfacon
Angela Marlino and Mike Schwartz
Lois and Tim Sheahen
Caroline Siegfried, Eva Klemens and Essie
Sondra Bland and Bob Spencer
In Honor of Laura Koch
  Roz Squires
Dorothea and Robert Steinke
Linda Stinson
Bernie and Leona Stoecker
In Honor of Kyle Luxner
  Brenda Summers
Anne and Cary Tengler
In Memory of Leif Dancy
  Patricia Tully
Michele and Robert Van Pelt
Colene and Don Van Winkle
Jack Walker
Sophie and Jack Walker
Pat White
Susan and Tom Wilcox
Tiffany and Emma Sabine and Sterling Wind
Eric Winder
Terry and Roger Wittern
Renate and Bill Wood
Michael Zimmerman
Budd Zuckerman

In-Kind Associate ($500-$999) Bob and Judy Charles - Holiday Gift drive

In-Kind Friend ($1-$249)
Susan and Bob Gabriel - Holiday Gift drive
John Nevins - Holiday Gift drive

As always, we thank all of our generous donors.

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