Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thank You, Longmont Legacy

Today, we’d like to say “Thank You” to Longmont Legacy, a charitable fund of the Longmont Community Foundation, for their grant of $1,100 for Imagine! Family Support Grants for children living in Longmont.

Family Support Grants help pay for the extraordinary costs of caring for a family member who has a developmental disability. Funds may be used to help pay for respite care, professional services, medical and dental senses, transportation, assistive technology, home modifications, and parent and sibling support.

Anyone who has a family member with a developmental disability knows how difficult it can be to pay for some of these expenses, and these grants can make a huge difference.

The members of the Longmont Legacy are a group of individuals and couples joining together in a common purpose – to improve youth and education in the St. Vrain Valley region. This group started in 2003 and has funded programs from childhood through college.

This is Longmont Legacy’s second grant in a row to Imagine! for Family Support Grants and it’s just one of the many ways the Longmont Community Foundation has supported Imagine!'s work in Longmont over the years. That support is vital. Last year, Imagine! served more than 1,070 people living in Longmont, and the need continues to grow.

The name Longmont Legacy is so appropriate, because through their support we are working towards making Longmont a happy and healthy community for years to come!

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