Friday, October 31, 2014

Imagine! Stats

Today, we are pleased to share highlights of Imagine!’s most recently ended fiscal year (FY 2013-2104). Over the course of the year, Imagine! provided case management or service coordination for a total of 2,972 individuals throughout Boulder and Broomfield Counties. More than 900 (30%) of people served by Imagine! were babies and toddlers with developmental delays; the rest were children, youth, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Imagine! also provided a range of direct services to these individuals.

Here’s a breakdown of some of those services:

Imagine!’s Family Support division:
  • Provided information and referrals to more than 1,400 families providing at-home care for an individual with I/DD. 
  • Provided financial support to the families of 60 children with extraordinary needs arising from I/DD and physical disabilities who were waitlisted for Medicaid-funded services. 
  • Helped parents of 60 children with autism spectrum disorders to select and pay for services such as psychological counseling, behavioral therapy, or social skills coaching. 
Imagine!’s Innovations division:
  • Supervised foster placements and care for 29 children whose special needs could not be met by their birth parents. 
  • Provided a variety of residential services – responsive to individual needs and capabilities – to 194 adults with I/DD. This number included 28 individuals who required round-the-clock, hands-on staff supports. 
Imagine!’s Dayspring division:
  • Helped 315 babies and toddlers with developmental delays to improve their communication, motor, and/or social skills through early intervention therapies. 
Imagine!’s Out & About division:
  • Assisted 48 school-aged children with I/DD in learning vital socialization skills to help them to participate more fully in society, while affording their parents the peace of mind that comes with safe and appropriate childcare during work hours, through Summer Camp, After School, and School Closure Day programs. 
  • Promoted the safety, growth, and development of 158 local adults with I/DD by giving them access to special outings and activities in the community. 
Imagine!’s CORE/Labor Source division:
  • Provided job training, placement, coaching, and supervision for 123 adults with I/DD. 
  • Fostered the growth, development, and safety of 205 adults with I/DD through enriching and therapeutic day programs and classes. 
Imagine!’s Behavioral Health Services (IBHS):
  • Provided comprehensive mental health services to 210 individuals with dual (mental illness and I/DD) diagnoses. 
  • Provided a broad range of behavioral health services to 87 individuals, and educated their parents and caregivers about ways to build cooperative behavior. 
Thank you to all of our supporters. We couldn't do what we do without their help!

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