Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thanks Community Trust of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County

Today we’d like to acknowledge the Community Trust of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County for their $3,000 grant to be directed to Boulder County Family Support Grants. This is the Community Trust’s third grant to Imagine! in the past three years, and it is most appreciated.

Family Support Grants help pay for the extraordinary costs of caring for a family member who has a developmental disability. Funds may be used to help pay for respite care, professional services, medical and dental expenses, transportation, assistive technology, home modifications, and parent and sibling support.

Anyone who has a family member with a developmental disability knows how difficult it can be to pay for some of these expenses, and these grants can make a huge difference. As one family told us: “This grant will help ease the financial stress and burden that comes with having a special needs child. It helps offset costs that insurance does not cover. Each year it seems that insurance covers less to help our child function in the world. We have dealt with that by cutting down on therapies, respite and recreation activities. This grant helps us keep some of those things in place.”

Many thanks to the Community Trust for making such a difference in the lives of Boulder County families!

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