Thursday, February 2, 2012

Celebration Photos

Last Friday’s Imagine! Celebration was a huge success! $245,000 was raised to support Imagine!’s mission, and a good time was had by all in attendance. Check out the pictures below!

Imagine! Foundation Board President Sandy Bracken and Foundation Board Member Emeritus George Karakehian, the evening's emcee.

Paige Lawrence, Don Sullivan, Don and Colene Van Winkle. Colene and Paige served as Imagine! Celebration Committee co-chairs, and Don Sullivan was part of that committee as well.

Former Imagine! Board member Dennis Fase and Imagine! CEO Mark Emery

Founder of the Imagine! Foundation Bob Charles and his wife Judy.  Both have been extraordinary supporters of Imagine!.

Kristin Karakehian, past Imagine! Foundation Board President Leona Stocker, and her husband Bernie

Ken and Lynn Curtis spoke passionately about Imagine! before the evening’s Special Appeal

Imagine! Foundation Board Vice President Walt Pounds and his wife Linda, Judy and Neil Bicknell

Chancellor of the CU-Boulder Campus Phil DiStefano and his wife Yvonne.

Robbie Alford, Janan Alford, Ron Alford, Imagine! Foundation Board Member Valorie Simpson

Alonzo Clemons, who receives services from Imagine!, showed off his amazing sculpting skills.

Frank Day and Imagine! Foundation Board Member David Edwards

 Imagine! Foundation Board Member Emeritus Jack Stoakes
Imagine! consumer Tanya Alford provided the evening's entertainment.

Imagine! Foundation Board Member Rick Nelson and his wife Jackie, who served on the Celebration Committee.

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