Thursday, February 7, 2019

Thank You Thursday

Recent generous donors to the Imagine! Foundation include:

Platinum ($10,000+)
Mark Zentner

Gold ($5,000-$9,999)
Judy Delaware
Carleen and Bruce Dierking
Lisa and Doug Granat
Kristin and George Karakehian
Kathy and Dale King
Heidi and Mark Leachman
Vicki and Tom Miller
Carla and Sam Rapp
Marianna and Wade Williamson

Silver ($2,500-$4,999)
Dana and Brad Bickham
Emily and Paul Bliss
Karen and Don Brown
Virginia and Scott Brown
Claudia and Scott Culley
Janell and Pat Daly
Jackie and Brent Friesth
Natalie Hanlon-Leh and Chris Leh
Alfred and Marty McElwain
Sue and Michael Myers
Angie and Darrell Nivens
Dee Perry
Jana and Chris Petersen
Linda and Walt Pounds
Kathy and Ed Regel
Julie and Jerry Rudy
Kent Simpson
Terre Rushton and Chuck Sisk
Brandilyn Tebo
Sally Thorner and Brian Rosenfeld
Evelyn and Christian Walter

Bronze ($1,000-$2,499)
Monica and Randy Baham
Steve Bosley
Tanya Kelly-Bowry and Chris Bowry
Jane Brock-Pommer and Jack Pommer
Cheri and Art Cabrera
Linda Cain
Dale Charles
Joni and John Creighton
Elise and Gary Cunningham
Lianne and Darrell Daley
Annie and Mark Danielson
Antonia and Michael Dougherty
Beth and David Fish
Tamara and Mike Gaffney
Marie and Ken Gambon
Becca Fischer and David Goossen
Susie Hajek
Hays Companies
Sally and Charles Holmes
Joel Kiesey
Susan LaHoda
Barbara and Rick Lawrence
Lindsey and Craig Liebler
Barb and Peter Loris
Cheri and Kirk Maasen
Chris Mabbitt
Ariel and Cliff MacTavish
Alice and Pete Madden
Tasia and Tim Maxwell
Rebecca and Mark McLean
Joan Motsinger
Kevin Nelson
Rebecca and Matt Novinger
Michelle and Pat O'Brien
Richard Polk
Anne Marie and Paul Pewterbaugh
Ashley Masin and Chris Pusey
Patti Riley
Betty and Walt Sanders
Susan and John Sidwell
Marie and Chuck Sonnen
Debbi Stapp
Amanda and Brandon Strope
Anne and Cary Tengler
Julie and John Uridil
Kendall and Grant Von Eschen
Chuck Wellman
Heather and David Wier

Associate ($500-$999)
Siga and Rob Andrew
Kristin Swenerton and Greg Atkinson
Jen and Doug Bartlett
Katy Brown
Shannon and Steve Bryant
Shauna and Tom Callahan
Lynn and Ken Curtis
Becky Fase
Judy and Geoff Gailey
Judy and Jeff Gass
Bill Goodacre
Angela and Dennis Graham
Barbie Iglesias
Bryce Isaacson
Neil Kearney
Kristi and Mark Kinney
Shannon Kluth
Denise Kramlich
Julie and Mark Lee
Shannon and Dave Lemmon
Ally MacLean
Cindy and Dave Manley
Ellen Marshall
Robert Mescia
Emily and Rob Miller
Lauren and Armen Minasian
Haila and Chris Mirto
Ellie and Harry Poehlmann
Jim and Kathy Pollicita
Brooke Rambold
Jeri Rowley
Kristin and Jason Rusk
Kim and Todd Schulte
Cindy and Don Starke
Pat and Paul Vero
Lori Vienneau
Catherine and Adam Vonachen
Lori and Rich Waidler
Lynne and Rick Waidler
Jan Walden
Susan and Tom Wilcox
Thomas Wulf
Camille and Hossein ZiaShakeri

Supporter ($250-$499)
Laura Ball
Darina Barciak
Kelly and Ross Blount and Jeff Bluhm
Helen Bosley
Natalie and Nate Cicotello
Sherry and Doug Conner
Emmy Conroy
Kristin Cowin
Karen Leh
Sue Deans
Jason Foster
Michelle and Tim Hallett
Sandra and Jeff Hirota
Jillian and Greg Horner
Jana Knox
Amy and Tom Lai
Joli and Todd Lofstedt
Andrew Lollback
Sara and Dave Marusiak
Patti and David Micklin
Connie and Andy Minden
Polly and Elliott Moore
Karen and John Nevins
Lauren and John Park
Whitney Pinion
Ruben Rios-Blanco
In memory of Kristy Kearney
  Rocky Mountain Tennis Center
Sandy and John Ross
Donatella and Mark Scanniello
Shawna and Matt Schultz
Beverly and Gene Shaw
Renee and Tony Speights
Jan and David Steitz
Sarah and Robert Sutherland
Tasha and Tom Tadewald
Sara and Sam Taylor
Stephen Tebo
Jessica and Jeff Tyler
LeAnn Vance
Alice Vienneau
Wendy and Ed Wassom
Jeanne Whittle

Friend ($1-$249)
Paris Aguilar
Janan and Ron Alford
Anna and Phil Amos
Nicole Apel
Mark Arreguin
Rachel Audette
James Bachman
Jeremy Bergener
Kaitlyn Bergeron
Erica Berridge
Christopher Black
Erica Blake
Rachel Bowles
Wendy Breitenfeld
Joel Broszat
Leslie and Sandy Brown
Rob and Deanna Brown
Caleb Bucher
Susan Burd
Jennifer Carr
Logan Chandler
Janice Charles
Bob and Judy Charles
Kristen and Andrew Christie
Elena Ciaravino
Margaret Clinton
Karen Collins
Molly Collins
Michelle Conkey-Sajban
Jenna Corder
Marissa Daniel
Nancy Deklyn
Rachael and Roger Dickens
Diane Egner
Judy and Mark Emery
Tina Fisbeck
Logan Fletcher
Dan Fox
Mary and Bob Gaddis
Alyssa Gafvert
Deb Gardner
Jessica Gaylord
Jared Gill
Priyanka and Gajendra Giri
Vicki and John Greff
Megan Grimm
Kelly Halverson
Kevin Harding
Katie Hawkins
Logan Hawkins
Michaela Hayes
Martha Heimbaugh
Deborah and David Heitman
Elizabeth Hill
Fred Hobbs
Melissa Hunt
Chelsea Jackson
Gina and Kevin Janeczek
Monique Jourdan
Karen Kalis
Alayne Kelly
Andrea Kintop
Eva Klemens
Maria Klickna
Rachel LaHoda
Andrew Larsen
Violet Lehman
Rick Leichtweis
Carley Levasseur
Dave Lindholm
Eric Loof
Richard Lowe
Sheila and Dave Lucas
Stephanie MacAlpine
Nancy and Peter Mahoney
Sarah and Tim Manning
Sean McCafferty
Meg McClellan and Jim Barlow
Paula McCormick
Patty and Doug Meneley
MGM & United Artists
Roz and Harvey Micklin
Amy Montanari
Renata Moore
Jonah Moss
Lucy Mwangi
Cynthia Navarrette
Jeff Near
Paula and Mike Nelsen
Barbara Nevins
Cindy Newell
Cassie Nicholl
Gabrielle Norton
Katie Nunez
Mario Ojeda
Nathan Ormsby
Gabriela Ortiz
Brett Osborn
Naomi Perez
Holly Perna
Robin Phillips
Alyssa Phinparphat
Zoe Polk
Claudia Preston
Angela Rauscher
Laurel Rochester
Laura Roland
Dale Rose
So Rosenblum
Cherie and Norman Ross
Chad Russell
Heather Sabo
Tamarah Saif
Jenna Sallee
Joyana Samsel
Michele and Bonifacio Sandoval
Giulia Schaalman
Hailey Schauer
Alexis Schenk
Erin Schram
Janna Schwind
Margie Shaw
Patti Showman
Caroline Siegfried
Mary Simonson
Dorothy Reed-Sleeper and Joe Sleeper
Erica Stamm
Gary Stebick
Jane Stockebrand
Leona and Bernie Stoecker
Caroline and Peter Storz
Judith Sutter
Faye Telecky
Victoria Thorne
Kathleen Tormey
Jill True
Julie Tu
Andorra Turner
Chantelle Tweten-Crumbliss
Jada Uylett
Kent Vogel
Victoria Warren
Scott Wendelberger
Carol and Don Werthman
Tim West-Heiss
Sterling Wind
Kathleen Winegardner
Jamie Zimenoff

As always, we thank all of our generous donors.

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