Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thank You Thursday

Recent generous donors to the Imagine! Foundation (including Imagine! Celebration donors!) include:

Platinum ($10,000+)
Bob Von Eschen

Gold ($5,000-$9,999)
Kathy and Dale King
Maria and Justin McClure
Mutual of America
Sue and Michael Myers
Mark Zentner

Silver ($2,500-$4,999)
Gale and Tim Boonstra
Karen and Don Brown
Virginia and Scott Brown
Kim Lord and Carl Castillo
Mary and Tom Deany
Yvonne and Phil DiStefano
FirstGiving - Kettlebells for Christmas
Jackie and Brent Friesth
Amanda Gifford
Knights of Columbus - Lafayette Council #5237 - for Dayspring
Vicky Koury
Suzie and Terry Lavelle
Heidi and Mark Leachman
Andrea and Brian Mathwich
Michelle McParland
Linda and Walt Pounds
Lori and Steve Roch
Carmen and Mark Sample
Stephen Tebo
Sarah Tuneberg
Wendy and Ed Wassom

Bronze ($1,000-$2,499)
Dana and Brad Bickham
Steve Bosley
Tanya Bowry and Chris Bowry
Sally and Sandy Bracken
Katie Hawkins and Dale Charles
Claudia and Scott Culley
Fisher Honda-Kia
Marie and Ken Gambon
Bill Goodacre
Kaiser Permanente
Kristin and George Karakehian
Beth and Mike McClellan
Kathy and Jay Montgomery
Lynn Morgan
Angie and Darrell Nivens
Melanie and Charlie Nygren
Dee Perry
Jana and Chris Petersen
Carla and Sam Rapp
Julie and Jerry Rudy
Ursula and John Scarano
Susan and John Sidwell
Marie and Chuck Sonnen
Stewart Title of Colorado
Roque Ramirez and Heidi Storz

Associate ($500-$999) 
Richard Ackerman
Kristin Atkinson and Greg Atkinson
Lisa Van Goor and Bob Bauers
Beth Leibo and Whitney Blair
Linda Cain
Andrew Christie
Bridgette Cole
Lynn and Ken Curtis
Janell and Pat Daly
Ja Elliott
Judy and Mark Emery
Debra and Jay Flora
Katie and Kevin Fosse
Judy and Jeff Gass
Becca Fischer and David Goossen
Sally and Charles Holmes
Taryn and Sam Inman
Jannelle and Mark Johnson
Kris and Tim Johnson
John Kay
Joel Kiesey
Barb and Peter Loris
Alice and Pete Madden
Mary and Jason Margraf
Pat and Tom Metz
Patti and David Micklin
Vicki and Tom Miller
Haila and Chris Mirto
Jen and Alex Nelson
Kevin Nelson
DeMarie Niedling
Sharon O'Leary
Patty Patterson
Karla Rikansrud
Jeri Rowley
Nate Samek
Irene and Andy Shaffer
Elaine Shannon
Amy and David Smith
Linda and Danny Souders
Anne and Cary Tengler
Jessica Thompson
Marilyn and Chris Treharne
Pat and Paul Vero
Lisa and Mike Wade
Alice and Greg Wellems
Chuck Wellman
Susan and Tom Wilcox

Supporter ($250-$499)
Kaitlyn Anderson
Baadrea and Hal Bagley
Helen Bosley
Leslie and Sandy Brown
Kathy Carroll
Sherry and Doug Conner
Angela and Scott Cooper
Kate and Josh Dinar
Kathy Evans
Cari and Chris Funk
Glenda and Bill Haskins
Jillian and Greg Horner
Ardee Imerman
Bryce Isaacson
Misty and David Jonas
Laura and Bill Koch
Maureen Lamerato
Julie and Mark Lee
Shannon and Dave Lemmon
Debbie and Tom Lockwood
Christopher Mabbitt
Cindy Matthews
Liza and Burton McKenzie
Marcia and Scott McMichael
Roz and Harvey Micklin
Nelson Miner
Barbara Nevins
Rebecca and Matt Novinger
Merilee Peterson
Katy and Brian Rhoades
Shelly and Rudy Rudolph
Kristin and Jason Rusk
Michele and Bonifacio Sandoval
Theresa and Mike Seader
Beverly and Gene Shaw
Bernie and Leona Stoecker
April and Walt Stone
Tasha and Tom Tadewald
Sara and Sam Taylor
Ali and Adam Ternan
Jeanne and Danny Wade
Julie Wiland
Camille and Jeremy Wilson
Tia and Andy Zavaras

Friend ($1-$249)
Amie Alvarado
Lana Anderson
Scott Aylor
David Bachrach
Laura and Garret Ball
Maria Bangs
Darina Barciak
DeeDee Baze
Alex and Grant Besser
June and Steve Blouch
Karen and Eric Boelts
Liz and Cliff Bosley
Elisa and Dave Bosley
Michelle Brietzke
Alexa Cataldo
Bob and Judy Charles
Lexi Clifford
Karen Collins
Community First Foundation
Liz Cuffel
Cinda and Rick Daggett
Andrew Daughters
Jean and Charlie Dinwiddie
Janet and Paul Driscoll
Jolie and Aaron Evans
Jan and Larry Foster
Deea and John Frisbie
Deb Gardner
Gail and John Givens
Robert Zedaker and Teresa Gray
Jennifer and Trent Gustafson
Kevin Harding
Dottie and Roy Hargrave
Michaela Hayes
Linda Heschles
Richard Hill
Jeff Hirota
Don Humphrey
Brice Johnson
Sherrie and Tom Johnson
Karen and David Kalis
Erin Kelly
Stacy and Paul Koelfgen
Marion Koral
Kathy and Roy Krughoff
Jordan Kunz
Andy and Priscilla Lacy
Susan LaHoda
Amy and Tom Lai
Barbara and Rick Lawrence
Level 3 Foundation
Joy Linfield
Jennifer and Eric Love
Nicole and Oliver Mansour
Jayme and Don Martin
Chris McVay
Ann Marie and Keith Michalkewicz
Mile High United Way
Nancy Miller
Karen and John Nevins
Michelle and Pat O'Brien
Abbey O'Loughlin
Ellie and Harry Poehlmann
Zoe Polk
Sharon and Jacob Pomerantz
Kristina and Joshua Putterman
Brooke Rambold
Laurel Rochester
Laura Roland
Chris and Dave Ross
Amanda and Dave Sanderson
Mark Sapir
Jeff Schmidt, Ph.D.
Nicole and Mark Schroder
Shawna and Matt Schultz
Jessi and Jeff Spielberg
Lyndsay Stahl
Denise Stearns
Gary Stebick
Caroline and Peter Storz
Caleb Sueverkruepp
Jonathan Sweet
Shari Tebo
Stephanie and Brendan Tucker
Michael Van Allen
Terry and Jim Vratny
Lori and Rich Waidler
Rachel Weston
Thelma Whitaker
Jennifer Wilger
Sue Zorichak
Ryan Zyskowski

As always, we thank all of our generous donors

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