Monday, May 2, 2016

Thank You, SmartHome Volunteers

The Bob and Judy Charles Smart Home has some fantastic volunteers that we would like to recognize. They make it possible for the residents to participate in a variety of activities during the week, and the residents look forward to these opportunities.

On Mondays, volunteers Dana Taylor and Courtney Russel alternate weeks doing arts and crafts and physical activities with the residents. Dana enjoys talking walks with Lana and John, and they both bring craft ideas to do with the residents. During the holidays, visitors enjoy seeing all the cute holiday decorations that Dana and Courtney made with the individuals we serve!

On Tuesdays, it’s board game time with the Rusk family. In addition to the games they play with the residents, they bring much laughter and fun to the individuals we serve. They also speak Spanish, Johnny has another opportunity to work on his communication. Not long ago, the Rusks facilitated a Karaoke Night, and everyone had a blast singing and dancing together.

The Rusk Family volunteering at Imagine!'s Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome

On Wednesdays, Soumya helps with technology in the home. She focuses her efforts on helping the residents stay up to date with their budgeting ledgers on their computers. The residents always ask when she is coming back so they can have her help them. She is helping Mandy with her specific tech goals of learning how to check her PayPal account and other internet sites. Soumya has also been helping Mandy use her iPad more and show her all the cool things she can do on it.

On Thursdays, Nicole and her therapy dog, Piper, are a favorite in the home. All the individuals love having Piper over and give her treats. Johnny especially gets a big smile on his face when Piper is around. He loves petting her for long periods of time and joking around with her pretending to give her treats. Rebecca loves teaching Piper new tricks and rewarding her with treats!

Nicole, Piper, and John

Johnny gives Piper a well deserved belly rub

On Fridays, Paul brings his music to the home. He is still new to volunteering, but John has taken a liking to him. They both “jam” together -- Paul plays his guitar while John plays his keyboard. SmartHome staff members were impressed to see that John already knows how to play a lot of the songs in Paul’s music book.

We are extremely grateful for the volunteers who are “regulars” at the Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome. If you would like to explore volunteer opportunities with Imagine!, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Elizabeth Hill.

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