Friday, March 4, 2016

Thank You, Virginia W. Hill Foundation

Today, we’d like to thank The Virginia W. Hill Foundation for its recent grant of $10,000 to support Imagine!’s Dayspring department’s Community Calendar Activities (CCA) program. We very much appreciate the Foundation’s support of this valuable extension of our early intervention services for young children with developmental disabilities or delays.

Through CCA, Imagine!’s early childhood special educators and pediatric occupational therapists work with babies and toddlers during group play and fitness activities in community settings, encouraging motor, sensory, social, emotional, cognitive, and speech and language development. CCA enhances the impact of direct therapies during a critical window in human development, thereby increasing the chances that these vulnerable children will “catch up” to their age peers. In addition, the program provides the children’s families both an introduction to appropriate activities in their communities and the confidence to access them independently.

Because no federal or state funds are available for CCA and it relies completely on community support, this generous grant is very important and much appreciated.

The Virginia W. Hill Foundation, managed by Wells Fargo, was established by the late Virginia Hill, a noted Denver philanthropist. Mrs. Hill was known in her lifetime for her charitable giving to better the lives of people living in the American West. She was, for example, a major donor in the early 1960's to the restoration of Ft. Laramie. In recent years, Mrs. Hill's Foundation has contributed significantly to improving the health—especially the mental health—of people living in the Denver Metropolitan area.

We are extremely grateful to The Virginia W. Hill Foundation’s continued support of young children and families in our community.

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