Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thank You Thursday

Recent generous donors to the Imagine! Foundation include:

Platinum ($10,000 +)
Bob Von Eschen

Gold ($5,000-$9,999)
Tom Blahak
Laura Koby-Zuckerman and Budd Zuckerman

Silver ($2,500-$4,999)
Gale and Tim Boonstra
Charlotte and Kai Chin
Becky and Dennis Fase
Jackie and Brent Friesth
Robert Zedaker and Teresa Gray
Kathy and Dale King
Laura and Bill Koch
Alice and Pete Madden
Maria and Justin McClure
Linda and Walt Pounds
Linda and Danny Souders
Julia and Paul Spencer
Shari Tebo

Bronze ($1,000-$2,499)
Doreen and David Beaver
Crystal and John Bickel
Steve Bosley
Sally and Sandy Bracken
Janie Bracken
Linda Cain
Katie Hawkins and Dale Charles
Dianne and Bob Charles
Jessica and Jeff Clay
Claudia and Scott Culley
Heather and Joe Dilorio
Yvonne and Phil DiStefano
Kristen and Dave Dugdale
Josie and Rollie Heath
Kristin and George Karakehian
Susan LaHoda
Heidi and Mark Leachman
Christopher Leh and Natalie Hanlon-Leh
Jennifer and Eric Love
Pat and Tom Metz
Steve Miller
Kathy and Jay Montgomery
Carla and Mark Mueller
Sue and Michael Myers
Angie and Darrell Nivens
Sandy and Bill Ray
Mikhy and Mike Ritter
Jeri Rowle
Angela Marlino and Mike Schwartz
Susan and John Sidwell
Charles Sisk and Terre Rushton
Amy and David Smith
Marie and Chuck Sonnen
Lynne and Rick Waidler

Associate ($500-$999)
Greg Atkinson and Kristin Swenerton
Caroline and Warren Baker
Tracey Bernett
Tanya and Chris Bowry
Virginia and Scott Brown
Janell and Pat Daly
Mary and Tom Deany
Deea and John Frisbie
Marie and Ken Gambon
Duncan Griffiths
Tracy and Chris Hobbs
Taryn and Sam Inman
Shannon and Dave Lemmon
Barb and Peter Loris
Vicki and Tom Miller
Connie and Andy Minden
Kevin E. Nelson
Barbara Nevins
Rebecca and Matt Novinger
Michaela and Brook Phillips
Kathy and Brian Rhoades
Heather and Dan Ringoen
Becky Roser
Shelly and Rudy Rudolph
Elaine Shannon
Roz Squires
Heidi Storz and Roque Ramirez
Janis and Mike Tennery
Lori Vienneau
Susan and Tom Wilcox

Supporter - ($250-$499)
Kaitlyn Anderson
Helen Bosley
Ashley and Cody Brooks
Teresa and Dale Brooks
Karen and Don Brown
Cinda and Rick Daggett
Deanne and Miles Deeg
Sue and Bob Donlan
Ja Elliott
Mollie and Jonathan Fitzpatrick
Deb and Jay Flora
Judy and Jeff Gass
Eva Gaudio
Maureen and Joe Giannola
Don Haddad and Jennifer Burton
RaShelle and Mike Hindman
Jillian and Greg Horner
Mia Jasper
Lisa and Steve Kennedy
Sheila and Danny King
Kathy and Bob Lamb
Nancy and Frank Latino
Ciel and Paul Lawrence
Debbie and Tom Lockwood
Cindy and Dave Manley
Barbara and Larry Marquess
Tasia and Tim Maxwell
Liza and Burton McKenzie
Marcia and Scott McMichael
Patty and Doug Meneley
Patti and David Micklin
Nancy Miller
Suzanne Pelletier and William Liberato
Jana and Chris Petersen
Cathy and Bill Pyle
Carla and Sam Rapp
David Rochlin
Kim and Todd Schulte
Anne and Tim Shanahan
Beverly and Gene Shaw
Anne and Cary Tengler
Sarah Tuneberg
Kate Veeder
Alice and Greg Wellems
Chuck Wellman
Hunter Wright
Camille and Hossein

Friend ($1-$249)
Richard Ackerman
Kevin Afflerbaugh
Lou Aguda
Laura Alberts
Olivia Ameigh
Lana Anderson
Karen Boelts
Dulcy Booth
Elisa and Dave Bosley
Mari and Pete Bradley
Leslie and Sandy Brown
Kim and Bill Bunch
Shoshanna and Robert Burke
Elle and Roger Cabbage
Alexa Cataldo
Sherry and Doug Conner
Kristine Coughlin
Lisa Curtis and Karen Leh
Christina Davies
Kristen and Jason DePaepe
Michelle and Rick Dyson
Judy and Mark Emery
Lia and Zach Feldman
Lisa Fiero
Heidi and Mike Foote
Elizabeth and Ben Gable
Deb Gardner
Narciso Garibay
Roy Garvert
Becca and Sean Gingerich
Pat Griffin
Bruce Guest
Jennifer and Trent Gustafson
Kris and Eric Harris
Katie Hawkins and Dale Charles
Michaela Hayes
Jennifer Hinderliter
Sally and Charles Holmes
Cathy and Phillip Holmes
Rose Hopman
Kris and Tim Johnson
Lori Jones
Karen Kalis
Margaret Katz
Patty and Steve Keesler
Paul Koelfgen
Brian Krueger
Wendy Kummerer
Andy and Priscilla Lacy
Julie and Mark Lee
Linda and Mark Loewenstein
Sara and Jason Lynch
Chad and Nichole Mandigo
Anne Martin
Joan Martin
Michelle and Pat McAteer
Beth and Mike McClellan
Stephen P. McKee
Bonnie McKinney
Megan and Scot McMorris
Ann Marie and Keith Michalkewicz
Roz and Harvey Micklin
Haila and Chris Mirto
Shirley Morck
Rick Nelson
Vicki Peluse
Gloria and Gerry Phillips
Jim and Kathy Pollicita
Kris and Bret Richards
Laurel Rochester
Jolene and Kory Rodemich
Rob Rydel
Carmen and Mark Sample
Julie and Kurt Sava
Jeff Schmidt, Ph.D.
Bill Schoeberlein
Mona and Herold Schultz
Jessi and Jeff Spielberg
Jane Stockebrand
Bernie and Leona Stoecker
Michelle Sulek
Cindy and Doug Swartz
Patty Tate
Sara and Sam Taylor
Jody Valenta
Cameron Walker
Rachel Weston Rowell
Casey Whisenhunt
Thelma Whitaker
Julie Wiland
Laura Zavala

As always, we thank all of our generous donors.

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