Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thank You Collins Foundation

Today we’d like to offer our thanks to the Collins Foundation for its recent grant of $2,000 to Imagine!.

The Collins Foundation was established by William Ray Collins and Ruth E. Collins for charitable, religious, and educational purposes and organizations within Boulder County, Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. Collins were residents of Boulder, and they were co-owners of a clothing and shoe store. Mrs. Collins died on May 22, 1978, and Mr. Collins died on June 11, 1981.

The Collins Foundation is managed by Wells Fargo Bank.

This is the 15th grant Imagine! has received from the Collins Foundation, with the cumulative total of their grants to Imagine! being $42,900! We are most grateful for their continued amazing support of our mission and of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in Boulder and Broomfield counties.

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