Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thank You Thursday

This week’s roundup of generous donors to the Imagine! Foundation includes:

Gold ($5,000-$9,999)
Virginia and Scott Brown
Deea and John Frisbie
Dave and Christine Hollenbeck
Steve and Lori Roch
Dan and Linda Souders
Tom and Linda Willetto

Silver ($2,500-$4,999) 
Brad Bickham
Don and Karen Brown
Michelle and Rick Dyson
Knights of Columbus – Colorado and Lafayette – for Imagine!’s Dayspring department
Linda and Dick Livingston
John and Carol Ann Mehaffy
Angie and Darrell Nivens
PDC PharmacyImagine! Celebration Silver Sponsor
John Scarano
Bernie and Leona Stoecker
Stephen Tebo
Wells Fargo – Imagine! Celebration Gold Sponsor, half

Bronze ($1,000-$2,499)
Sally and Sandy Bracken
Phil DiStefano
Joe Dilorio
Dennis and Becky Fase
Kim and David Felton
Anita and Don Fort
Jackie and Brent Friesth
Jeanne and Steve Hoerter
Kristin and George Karakehian
Kathy and Dale King
Terry and Suzie LaVelle
Richard and Barbara Lawrence
Mark and Heidi Leachman
Craig and Lindsey Liebler
Eric and Jennifer Love
Micklin Family Dentistry – Imagine! Celebration Table Sponsor
Jay and Kathy Montgomery
Pass Through Fund on behalf of Gary Klein
Richard Polk
Mia Sanchez-O’Dell
John and Jill Sheldon
Whitney Shupe
Chuck Sisk and Terre Rushton
Ron Secrist
John Sidwell

Associate ($500-$999)
Camille Accountius
Steve and June Blouch
Tim and Gail Boonstra
Tanya Kelly-Bowry and Chris Bowry
Linda Cain
Dale Charles
Gary Corbett
Scott and Claudia Culley
Tom and Mary Deany
Emily Gadacz
Marie and Ken Gambon
Nathan Harbert
Josie and Rollie Heath
David Kalis
Lisa and Steve Kennedy
Rich and Connie Knippelmeyer
Crystal Kuenzler
Chris Leh and Natalie Hanlon-Leh
Dave Lemmon
Andrew and Karen Mason-Richardson
Barbara MacCambridge
John and Deidre McElveen
Haila Mirto
Kevin Nelson and Ellie Fair
Tom Miller
Joel Montbriand and Susan Goodnature
Mark and Carla Mueller
Dale Myska
Rick and Jackie Nelson
Linda and Walt Pounds
Carla and Sam Rapp
Kristin Swenerton and Greg Atkinson
Darla Schueth
Heidi Storz
Adam and Ali Ternan
Jessie Thompson
Lori Vienneau
Lynn and Rick Waidler
Chuck Wellman
Patty Young

Supporter ($250-$499)
Richard Ackerman
Whitney Blair
Peter Braun
Steve Bryant
Janell Daly
Jessie Elliott
Kathy Evans
Lia and Zack Feldman
Jeff and Judy Gass
Charles Holmes
Greg and Jillian Horner
Knights of Columbus – Louisville - for Imagine!’s Dayspring department
Priscilla and Andy Lacy
Mark and Julie Lee
Shawn Lewis
Pete and Barb Loris
Larry and Barbara Marquess
John and Shannon Masulit
Tim Maxwell
Steve McKee
Burton McKenzie
Scott and Marcia McMichael
Dave Micklin
Chris and Kim Milbrath
Ray Nessler
John Nevins
Pat and Michelle O'Brien
Suzanne Pelletier
Tim Pletcher
Tom Riley
Gene and Beverly Shaw
Marcie Smith
Marie Sonnen
Sarah and Tom Sterkel
Anne and Cary Tengler
Kate Veeder
Paul and Pat Vero
Lori and Rich Waidler
Brad Wood

Friend ($1-$249)
Achievement Training Corporation
Lana Anderson
Bob and Alexis Baile
Jay and Mary Balzer
In Honor of Emily Micklin
  Fredda, Eric, Ben, Sarah, and Drew Berger
Ashley Biedler
Dave and Elisa Bosley
Gerad and Brooke Bergrud
John and Crystal Bickel
Black Roofing, Inc. – Imagine! Celebration donation
Mike and Sheryl Brake
Tyler Burgess
Polly and Paul Buster
Virginia Carducci
Charlie Carrington
In Honor of Polly Atkinson
  Geri Combs
Emmy Conroy
Bella Cotton
Kathy Coyne
Christina Craigo
Julie Daly
Sue Deans
Diana DeBrohun
Judy Demarest
Dawn DeMicco
Charlie and Jean Dinwiddie
Judy Emery
Mario and Erin Gambacorta
Eva Gaudio
Bill Goodacre
Teresa Gray
Don Haddad
Sandy Hartgens
Katie Hawkins
Mark Heinritz
Becky and Tom Herman
Phillip Holmes
Sue Jotblad
Howard Karawan
Steve and Patty Keesler
Rita Liu
Chris Mabbitt
Pete Madden
Annette Mainland
Chad and Nicole Mandigo
Monty and Judy Meduna
Harvey and Roz Micklin
Andy and Connie Minden
Mike Molloy
Christine and Andy Nappo
Barbara Nevins
Connie and Gary Nowlan
Virginia Patterson
Zoe Polk
Bill Pyle
Katy and Brian Rhoades
Bret and Kris Richards
David Rochlin
Laura Roland
Jackie Ross
Rudy Rudolph
Jason and Kristin Rusk
Patrick and Nicole Ryder
Rachel Schulman
Tim and Anne Shanahan
AnnMarie Spain
Denise Stearns
Dale Stetina
Michelle Sulek
Alex and Ashley Sward
Sam Taylor
Debbie and Louie Torrez
Brendan Tucker
Alice Vienneau
Cinzia and Eric Wallace
Kathy and Don Weibel
Thelma Whitaker
Tom Wilcox
Julie Wiland
Clay Wyatt
Karen Woolhiser
Laura Zavala

As always, we thank all of our generous donors

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