Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thank You Thursday!

Welcome to a special Thanksgiving version of “Thank You Thursday.” We’ve had some generous support around this special day, and would like to share our thanks to those who have helped out.

On Monday and Tuesday nights, a total of 25 volunteers (some of whom are pictured below) helped Imagine! deliver 50 Thanksgiving meals to individuals and families we serve who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy a Holiday feast. The meals included a pre-cooked turkey, sides, pies, and sparkling cider. Deliveries went off without a hitch and families were so thankful for the support in time for Thanksgiving!

The meals were paid for through a crowdfunding campaign in which generous donors helped us meet our goal of $1K in less than three days! Donors to this campaign included: Leigh Thorpe, Rebecca Baumann Martinez, Susan Gabriel, Parker Brissette, Karen Kalis, Laura Ball, Mia Sanchez O’Dell, Katie Edwards, Carla Rapp, Christie Talkington, Patti Micklin, Fred Hobbs, Sterling Wind, Sharon Reamer, Cori Abate, Pat Hoffman, Jeanne Walsh, Caroline Siegfried, Eva Klemens, and Essie Siegfried. Below is the video produced for the fundraising campaign.

So on this day of thanks, we join John and Chris (pictured below, residents of Imagine!'s Bob and Judy Charles SmartHome) in wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and in saying “thank you” to all the people who made this possible. We live in a great community.

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