Tuesday, January 10, 2012

GreenBack Program To Benefit Imagine!

The Imagine! Foundation has been chosen as the primary beneficiary of a new Colorado Daily Instant Savings Program called GreenBack Colorado. GreenBack is a completely new “reverse advertising” concept for businesses and individuals, which allows businesses to obtain advertising at no cost including radio, outdoor, and Facebook advertising.

Individuals save money through exclusive GreenBack offers that are available each and every day of the year. All offers may be used on multiple occasions. In turn, through card sales, GreenBack helps companies reduce advertising costs and increase traffic to their places of business. Rather than clipping coupons or having to remember to use time-limited discounts, individuals may use the personal GreenBack card to obtain special pricing at more than 100 locations in the area everyday. Businesses will include not just restaurants but also companies providing products or services in the areas of autos, chiropractic care, pets, bikes, day care, coffee, amusements, movies, flooring, furniture, bars, casinos, hair, nails, massage, fitness, and much more.

Each GreenBack card costs $40 for the year, with $5 being returned to the Imagine! Foundation. Once each business has reached its baseline for free advertising, GreenBack will donate $10 to Imagine! from every card sold.

GreenBack Colorado CEO Janice Charles says, “Our goal is to be Colorado’s Premier Savings Card Program, and we’re not going to stop until we reach that goal. We chose Imagine! as the primary recipient of our ‘GreenBack Gives Back’ philosophy because of the wonderful work it does in the community. This is a completely new concept in advertising, as everyone really does win – businesses, individuals, and the Imagine! Foundation.”

GreenBack will start by opening the new program to businesses that support Imagine!, as GreenBack is a semi-exclusive category program. “We believe it is important for us to initially contact businesses that donate to Imagine!, as they possess our passion for Imagine!,” said Charles.

For more information about becoming a GreenBack business or to obtain a card, please contact Janice Charles at 303-666-7725.

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